New trend in Photovoltaic Technology: Heating water with Solar Panels

Evolution has reached photovoltaic technology to merge two solutions in the most ingenious hybrid that reduces energy expenses: Solar panels and water heaters. So now, if you still had your doubts about acquiring solar panels to produce your own clean energy; you now have another reason to add to your check list.

Same, if you already had installed photovoltaic technology on your roof, then you can use it to power your water tank with just a simple adaptation. Let’s see how it works.


Photovoltaic technology and Water Heaters

The main principle to make work your hybrid is exactly the same: Using power to heat water. The only difference is that you’ll use solar energy created in your own roof to do it. So, in short, your solar panel automatically feeds your water heater. This means that you’ll get all the hot water you want at the lowest price. All that even if it isn’t sunny.

In terms of money, photovoltaic technology can help you to save up to 70% of the energy you use to heat water. This which means that you can significantly reduce your energy bills: In Florida, you’ll only pay from 5 to 10 cents / kWh.


Other benefits of Photovoltaic Technology

When using your photovoltaic technology, you also avoid political decision-making and headaches related to using the public grid. Additionally, you manage the amount of power you use; and choosing whether to sell back or storing your surplus it to use it later.

photovoltaic technologyAlso, if you have had your traditional water heater for awhile, you for sure know that they are totally useless during blackouts.  In other words; once you use the hot water stored in your water tank, you’ll need to heat more and this is impossible without electricity. And there’s one of the benefits of counting on photovoltaic technology; which is the same as having your own private grid.

Besides, as you produce your own clean energy; you don’t need to register in the public grid and don’t have to pay for consumption fees, or feed-in tariffs. Also, when adopting the photovoltaic technology, you make an investment in your future that contributes to improving the Planet’s health.

Ready to connect yourself to this new trend, and make the best of your photovoltaic technology?

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