How beneficial are Attic Fans for homes in South Florida?

attic fansIn places like South Florida, there are entire seasons when it’s actually as hot as hell. As consequence, our houses overheat, making our lives more difficult. Now, if you experience this situation, what choices do you have to cool off your home? One of them is installing attic fans.


Why using attic fans?

Attic fans improve central cooling systems in homes everywhere; but in hot places like South Florida, they add extra benefits just because they improve the air flows within the house. Let’s see how attic fans work.

As heat and steam are lighter than air, they concentrate in the highest place of the house: The attic. So, if you install an attic fan there, it works as a steam extractor that helps to cool down your home during summer, when it’s even hotter. 

Of course, attic fans must meet specific characteristics adapted to the specific characteristics of your home. As a general recommendation, you need to place them in the highest point of your attic and away as possible from air inlets.

However, these recommendations don’t apply to every home. That’s why you need the expert advice before installing your attic fan.


What attic fans do for your home?

Besides cooling down your home, attic fans also help you to improve the performance of your air conditioning.  It’s a sweet deal: As your home cools down faster and longer; you don’t need to adjust it beyond 80 ºF (26,6 ºC). Also, they help to dispel heat transfer from all the surfaces of your home. 

But attic fans do not limit their help during summer: During the coolest seasons, they help to prevent that moisture and water leaks directly drop in your roof; which inflicts significant damage to the ceiling/roof structure in the long run. 

Also, you don’t need to manually control them, as you can digitally program their thermostats. So, when the temperature in the attic increases the engine automatically turns on; and when the temperature drops down, it stops working.

Additionally, as they keep dry your attic during all year, they prevent mildew and fungus proliferation. So, in short, attic fans helps you to automatically have a cooler and healthier home while preventing structural damage.


Other benefits…

The last generations of attic fans use solar technology to feed themselves. This state-of-the art technology reduces the billing costs in energy especially in places like South Florida, with uninterrupted days of warm, sunny weather, and the wet season has daily rainfalls.

Studies show that traditional attic fans consume lots of energy. However, with the integration of solar technology to attic fans, you have the option of saving more money in energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, this integration also guarantees the correct functioning of your attic fan even in cloudy days as they can store energy.

Attic Fans have proven to be a great solution to refresh your home, especially in places like South Florida. And if you want to take them further, we strongly recommend you to insulate your attic to best profit this technology.  Cool off your home with smart solutions attic insulation, and make it more comfortable with solar solutions.

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