About Prestige solar Florida


With highly experienced teams, Prestige Solar is one of the most competitive and trusted solar companies based in South Florida. Our core philosophy is to energize the society with the number one renewable resource of energy – “The Sun”.
Prestige Solar, Inc. provide high-profiled alternative solutions for creating clean energy.
Prestige Solar is a one-stop shop (providing design ideas, permits, installation and service) to offer the highest quality and the most reliable services per our customer's needs: Pool heating equipment, electricity, hot water, energy-efficient insulation, and air conditioning by installing solar panels and harnessing the solar energy around your home.
At Prestige Solar, we understand the current energy crisis situation in the world and we strive to bring to you solar energy solutions, which positively impacts our society and environment through eco-friendly solutions for your home and enterprise.


Prestige Solar’s mission is providing the best options in eco-friendly solutions for alternative lifestyle, beginning from homes and communities based in South Florida, to go far beyond in the short term.

Small and medium-size businesses, and eventually, high-profiled enterprises from North and Central America are also our targets to make a change now for the future.  

Creating consciousness about environmental issues is also part of our main goals, and as such, we are in the cutting-edge for solar solutions available in the market.

About Prestige solar Florida
About Prestige solar Florida


Prestige Solar’s global vision consists in making solar solutions accessible to everybody by giving the most competitive prices with full assessment from quote to installation, including maintenance.

We guarantee the best quality of our products and processes: As we count with the backup of recognized brand names as LG Products among others, we stand behind what we sell and install. Nothing but the best, is our premise.

Our customer service is the milestone of our operations, and this is the reason why we follow every step in the process from the first contact on.  For us, our customer’s concerns are our main concern, and we give special attention to solve them up at the shortest time possible.

As family business, we give special focus to contribute with our Teams. This is specially extensive to our employees, subcontractors and shareholders who make a living in South Florida and the surrounding areas.  





Full guarantee.

We install what we sell. We use brand name products LG assembled in the USA and provide all you need from installation to maintenance.

Licensed and insured.

As specialist in Solar products, we have every license and permit to properly work on your home or business… and we use them to guide you better in your eco-friendly decisions.

Competitive Prices.

Different from companies with similar services and products, we give and maintain global prices at the most competitive rates.

Ongoing training.

Due the constant change in every aspect of our life, and especially technology, we keep constant update to adapt our knowledge and know-how.

Family and locally owned and operated.

We know the particular conditions of South Florida and make the most of them, including our Crews & Teams near your home.

Cutting-edge technology.

Always keeping in mind our planet’s health, we are in constant research about new trends and solutions for solar energy and eco-friendly products.


Full assessment & fulfilment.  

As one-stop shop, we take care of every step for you, and we do it on schedule.


Functional and attractive designs.

Because one thing is not divorced from the other.  You can have all you need and want in Solar solutions for your home and business.

We provide solutions and savings in energy for residential customers.
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