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Certified Solar Installers

Prestige Solar is a one-stop shop for all your solar needs. As Certified Solar Panel installers, we especially provide all you need for Solar Installation & Solar Services: Designing ideas; permitting processes; guarantee in installation and maintenance. We understand both, your specific needs and our current energy crisis situation. This why we strive to bring to you Solar Energy Solutions and offer the perfect balance at the best prices. We are your best choice for Solar Panels installations in Florida

Solar Repairing & Maintenance

Repair and maintenance are part of our services at Prestige Solar solutions. Whether you need a full inspection on you recently purchased Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System; or if you're having problems with an existing Solar Water Heater / Pool Heating System; or if they had never serviced, we provide full services on inspections, repairing and maintenance.We are your best choice for Solar Panels installations and services in Florida

Top Quality Solar Products

All our products are best quality. That means, with our service you count on a strong product warranty and brands you can truly trust in. LG, Ecospark, Solene, Enphase, Sunstar, among others top quality labels. Our Solar Products in fact last for several years. These products allow us to give you the best solar system performance and quality at best pricing on the market. Quality defines us, we are your best choice for Solar Panels installations and services in Florida


Your Source for Certified Solar Panel Installations & Services


Prestige Solar, Inc. in Delray Beach, Florida, provides pool heating equipment, electricity, hot water, energy-efficient insulation, and air conditioning. We are your best choice for Solar Panels installations and services in Florida

Solar Photovaoltaic (PV) Panels

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels use sun power to: Fit your home out with environmental-friendly solutions while you rebate electric bills, and create your own clean electricity

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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater is the perfect solution to keep enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like taking relaxing baths and relaxing about electric bills

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Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heating is the most effective for day to day consistent pool heating.You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs while using clean energy.

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Tax Incentives for Solar Power:  Home Energy Credits lower your taxes, and solar improvements reduce your energy bills -- helping you to save money in electricity month after month.

We provide solutions and savings in energy for residential customers.
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Solar Energy News

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Solar Communities may sound like science fiction, but nowadays, there are places where reality outdoes fiction. Such is the case of Tau Island.

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Trump’s attitude towards renewable energy has always been dismissive. Here we analyze some key facts about Trump’s Administration and the future of Solar Industry in the US.

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Solar costs and savings in florida

Costs and Savings for Solar Energy in Florida


$24,690 USD Is the Solar Cost in Florida

16 Years It'll take to pay for itself

$139 USD You could save every month

$33,282 USD You could save over 20 years


Residential Energy Consumption is the third largest use of energy in the U.S

Space heating and air conditioner:
Appliances, electronic and lighting:
Water heater:

Using solar energy through solar panels helps you to cut your energy expenses down to zero, while preventing global warming. We are your best choice for Solar Panels installations and services in Florida